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We offer medically prescribed treatments to tighten, tone and rejuvenate your skin, and reverse the effects of aging, without surgical complications or long recovery times. Regardless of your history or treatment objectives, our skin care team can work with you to make treatment an effective, affordable option.

Did you know?
For the cost of a trip to your local salon, you can expect dramatic improvements to your appearance in as little as 30 minutes that can last up to several months.

Platinum-level treatment from highly qualified professionals

Platinum-level treatment from highly qualified professionals.

We deliver Platinum-level RN- or aesthetician-administered treatments, including treatment from one of only two NCEA certified aestheticians in Michigan, in a relaxing medical setting. To obtain a platinum-level status, our skin care team has clocked thousands of hours administering top quality skin care treatments in a medically supervised setting.

Custom treatment options

Custom Treatment Options

Our team can quickly assess what options will work out best for you by simply examining your skin. We’ll make sure you understand our products and services before we perform a single treatment.

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