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We strive to make your entire experience as pleasant as possible.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

We offer same day appointments for certain needs and do our best to maintain appointment times. In the event of unforeseen delays, we will notify you to minimize any impact on your personal schedule.

Click here to request an appointment or call our centralized scheduling at (586) 693-8323 for an appointment at any of our 4 offices.

Office Visits

We want your visit to be positive and comfortable. We provide wi-fi coverage in our lobbies and once inside, soft and luxurious cotton robes for you to wear. Our attentive staff is here for you, so if there is anything we can do to assist you, or make your visit better, don’t ever hesitate to ask. You are the reason we are here.

Office Visits

Access To Doctors

Access To Doctors

Our physicians along with our team of experienced nurses and certified nurse midwives are invaluable resources to you. We return calls in a timely manner, and for more emergent situations, our team of doctors ensures that you have access to an on-call doctor at all times, regardless of your condition or symptoms.

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